Isagenix Detox And Weight Loss Programs

Isagenix Detox Plans For Losing Weight

ISAGENIX 30 Day Cleansing ProgramIsagenix, There are various detox plans available in the market nowadays.Various nutritionists have detox plans that they believe are effective and safe. There are various benefits that can be accrued from detox plans.

Benefits of Isagenix Detox Programs

1.Isagenix Detox helps the body get rid of excessive toxins that the body has ingested especially through beverages and foods. If one detoxes using foods that are produced organically then this will tremendously decrease the amount of toxins the body ingests on a day to day basis.

2. Isagenix Detox gives the body the micro nutrients it needs. If one undergoes a detox that is based on foods and beverages that are nutrient dense then the body is bound to get the essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that the body needs for its optimal conditions.

3. Detox is important because they can help curb food addictions. A detox can help if it mainly focuses on eliminating chemicals and foods that are addictive. Elimination of these foods can greatly help if one is recovering from food addiction.

4. Isagenix Detoxification also leads to general physical benefits. After a detox program one is most likely to feel healthier and ‘lighter’ , this occurs usually because organs such as the stomach and liver begin to work more effectively. Another important benefits is that as toxins are eliminated then the immune system is boosted. The blood will also be cleansed helping it circulate better.

5.Detoxing also has major mental and mind benefits. Before detoxing one usually has trouble sleeping, concentrating and is usually followed by bouts of chronic fatigue. If one continues with detox then these problems will disappear eventually. One is then able to sleep better and concentrate.Not only this but a balanced and healthy diet can also help avoid serious disease like diabetes

Isagenix Products For Losing Weight

The Isagenix diet programs are programs designed to replaces meals and have been shown to support the growth of lean muscles and also aid in weight loss for those seeking to shed off a few pounds and tone their bodies. It is a superior program because its products contains high nutrients.The proteins in Isagenix products are made without hormones or antibiotics.The products can be blended with water or even milk making it an instant drink.

Benefits of choosing Isagenix as the perfect detox plan.

Isagenix 30 Day Starter PackIsagenix products contains by far much better nutritional value as compared to other to other detox plans that are in the market. The Isagenix weight loss plan programs helps to get rid of excessive toxins which makes it easier to burn fats and lose weight in the process.

This is because Isagenix products contains fewer calories. Isagenix programs are convenient as compared to other products in the market because it is an instant drink.By adding just milk or water then the drink is complete unlike the normal home-made shakes. This saves one time. The fiber in Isagenix products is also important because it helps one feel fuller, therefore reducing the risk of overeating.

This prevents one from eating additional calories. The protein in Isagenix products also helps to spare the likelihood of losing muscles during the detoxing period. It is recommended not to lose muscles. Isagenix plans and products also contain enzymes that help with absorption. These help the body absorb nutrients. The products have also been known to give a user control over his appetite because the dense nutrients makes one feel fuller.

There also recipes with Isagenix but if you would like to see more,’s Isagenix products range can guide you

Subaru Servicing Western Sydney Specialist Mechanics

Subaru Specialist Mechanics Sydney


To so many people, a car is a significant investment that comes second only to the ownership of a home. So, it makes good sense to want to do everything in your power to preserve your car in optimal condition and in the process, derive as much value in driving pleasure, safety, and comfort as possible.

Regular Subaru Servicing/Maintenance Repairs And Performance Upgrades

Subaru Servicing SydneyIf you’re a motoring enthusiast and a lover of Subaru cars, then you know that following regular inspections and maintenance services that are found in the Subaru Maintenance Guide, is the best way to ensure your vehicle runs smoothly for many years.

There are many ways you can benefit when you take your car to a certified Subaru service center. You expect to get not only quality maintenance and service but also the input of a well- trained technician, who will keep your vehicle operating at peak efficiency.

As a result, your car reduces emissions, maintains optimum fuel efficiency and improved performance. Quality support ensures you prevent larger and more expensive repairs while you operate your car and this translates to boosting your vehicle’s resale value, should you wish to sell it at some point in the future.


Subaru Specialist Mechanics

Here in Sydney, you will come across many Subaru repair service centers that boast to know everything there is to know about Subaru cars. A visit to A1 Tuning and Performance will reveal why it’s the leading workshop when it comes to handling Subaru service.


Experiance Counts


With experience spanning over 30 years, A1 Tuning and Performance will bear the intricate details of any Subaru car, service and maintenance requirements. They have raced Subaru’s, driven them as drivers and have provided repair services to racing world beaters including the WRX/STI engines and the full Subaru range of vehicles. They have also performed upgrade tuning on many WRX/STI models and in the process acquired a massive base of enthusiastic Subaru owners, who have elevated their reputation. But the tour de force of A1 Tuning and Performance remains the tuning and performance upgrades with the range of vehicle servicing they do.


What is A1 Tuning and Performance?

At A1 Tuning and Performance, tuning a Subaru Impreza WRX/STI is a performance bargain. Moving from a 0 to 13.5 seconds to cover a quarter mile is as fast as any WRX they’ve tested. And the average WRX/STI model is reasonably cheap compared to many other performance vehicles. Using their modifications, they’re able to add more power ranging from 300 + horsepower at a very reasonable price, to the Ridiculous power when required.


Here’s how they do it:

Step 1:

Getting more air into the Combustion chamber is very important. Every mechanic will tell you that getting more air into the combustion chamber will produce more power. Using better flowing cold air intakes or modifying your existing air box to receive the air flow required, also by inserting a low-restriction air filter and Silicon intake pipe under the intake manifold can aid in the induction process. These items combined with a better free flowing exhaust and tune will give considerable increases in performance.

Step 2:

Installing a HITECH or INVIDIA Exhaust System. Next is to install the exhaust of your choice. And all it takes is a few nuts bolts and clamps and an hour or so in time. The Power Levels will change and the engine note will also. Your vehicle will put out a soft growl at idle without being necessarily loud. But your Kw and Torque out puts will have increased. The stainless-steel Exhaust System is guaranteed to last and will not interfere with Subaru warranty.

Step 3:

Dynamometer Tests and Tuning. This is a tool to measure the increase in horsepower/Kilowatts. The car is placed on a dynamometer that is linked to a Programable ECU. The Dyno reads the out put of the engine via the tractive effort produced through the wheels.

Step 4: Tuning

To get more power A1 Tuning and Performance will reprogramme the vehicles ECU (2001 on turbo models). And this involves software and an access port. Typically the access port is connected to the OBD II plug under the dash area, and this eliminates or modifies factory programming. A1Tuning and Performance with many years of experiance in tuning and performance upgrades can give you remarkable increases in power and torque figures from this type of vehicle modifications/Tuning. Increases of 25 to 35% are quite common with these few modifications.

Step 5:

Another form of modification is the fueling system, with out this upgrade the vehicle will not perform correctly as it will lean out under hard throttle applications and engine damage will occour. We also recommend replacing the factory fuel pump with the appropiate after market unit. A1 Tuning and Performance has many years of experience with Subaru servicing and covers over 30 years of combine general and specialised repairs and modifications to many different makes and models of vehicles and during this period they’ve performed a broad spectrum of duty that includes:

  • Subaru WRX/STI engine rebuilds. 
  • High Performance Modifications. 
  • Gear box repairs and Swap upgrades 
  • Clutch Replacement 
  • Fuel system upgrades 
  • Suspension repairs and Upgrades 
  • General Servicing to all the Subaru Range 
  • Servicing many makes and models of other vehicles
  • When servicing we perform a very wide spectrum of duties to your vehicle.

Some of these may include:


  • Engine oil and filter change 
  • Gearbox oil flush and change 
  • Differential oil flush and change 
  • Coolant removal, thermostat replacement
  • Coolant change
  • Alternator Belt Replacement 
  • Air Conditioning belt replacement 
  • Brake Fluid Flush and Change 
  • Clutch Fluid Flush and Change 
  • Spark Plug Replacement 
  • Compression Check  
  • Upper Cylinder Cleaner  
  • Top and Bottom Radiator Hose
  • Check and Replacement Hand Brake Adjustment 
  • Air Filter Replacement  
  • Fuel Filter Replacement 
  • Replacement of The Timing Belt,
  • Water Pump, Idler Pulleys, Cam Seals, Timing Belt Tensioner  
  • Clutch Replacement  
  • Brake Disc and Brake Pad Replacement 
  • Power Steering Fluid Flush and Replacement 
  • Battery Load Check and Top up of fluid 
  • Washer Bottle Check and Fill 
  • Wheel Bearing and Hub Assembly Check 
  • General Vehicle Inspection,
  • Nut and Bolt Check and Retention

The repairs and modifications for all Impreza models, servicing, Tuning and WRX/STI -Builds and upgrades, Performance tuning for all engines- Oil and lube-Gearbox Differential, and all vehicle driveline repairs-Quality are Services You Can Bank On.

If you’re a Subaru enthusiast living in Sydney, or other parts of Australia, and are looking for an Automotive service repair garage that is highly experienced and Recommend by many, especially in Subaru maintenance, performance upgrades or general vehicle maintenance, then look no further.

Subaru Speciaist Reputation

Here at A1 Tuning and Performance expect to find a professional Subaru Mechanical Specialist. They offer such high-quality services that their reputation has spread outside Sydney and beyond. If you watch with dismay as other motorists overtake you with their souped up cars, and sometimes even a crawling tractor climbing a hill seems faster than you, at A1 Tuning and Performance, you can put your fears to the rest.

Once they’re through with your car, you will get a noticeable jolt from the newly found power and awesome sound from your engine.

As you prepare to step on the gas with caution. As the leading Western Sydney’s preferred Automotive garage of choice, this means that you can leave your car in trusted hands and expect an outcome that will leave you smiling. And that’s not all, A1 Tuning and Performance can organise the pick up of your vehicle when damaged or broken (Conditions Apply) Repairing them and returning them back once completed if required. So, if you have a busy daily schedule, and your car is off the road, all you need to do is pick up the phone and make a call.

A1 Tuning and Performance does not restrict its services to Subaru models alone. Other Vehicle makes and models are also welcomed and given the same quality service, repairs and TLC similar to all Subaru models.

A1 Tuning and Performance  Contact Details:  

David Dick  Mobile: 0418 648 105 


5a Emmetts Farm Rd.  

Rossmore NSW 2557

Ps: Please call before going to see them as they are often out picking up and delivering vehicles        

Power Generator Sales Servicing Installations Repairs NSW QLD Australia

Power Generator Installations For Emergency Back Up

Ausgen Generators NSW Sydney

Call Ausgen Today on 1300 287 436

An electric generator provides electrical power when there is insufficient or no available power supply, ensuring that everyday activities and business operations continue during a power outage. Aside from providing an emergency backup power supply, a generator can also be used to provide continuous power to residents and businesses in remote locations that are not reached by mains electrical services. However, When it comes to purchasing a generator in Australia you want to find one from a supplier that you trust.

So, where should you look for Power Generator Sales in Australia NSW and QLD?

There is a wide range of Power generators available at Ausgen Generators with different specifications and in various sizes. For home or personal applications, a single phase power generator with 5kW to 30kW will suffice. For industrial applications or to power a large business, three phase power generators from 30 kW to 6 megawatts are recommended.

Here is a simple a example of a quality Cummins Diesel Generator

Miners work in vast underground territories that first of all need to be lit for them to be able to carry out their tasks. Modern mining equipment also requires power to function so generators are the best answer. Their portable functionality is vital to the success of mining operations. To avoid a build-up of dangerous gases or emissions, diesel generators are seen as the safest choice. Ausgen Generators are excellent choices for any generator installations. Begin your search to buy one online today.  

Remember that the best power generators at Ausgen Generators will be well worth what you pay for quality these days. But the advantages of having a power generator will mean that you will have hours of power even if the power is out for a long time. Research the fuel types that are most readily available in Australia NSW and QLD, and check the warranty offered with the devices you are considering. You may also want to compare maintenance and repair costs between different Ausgen Generators.

You will have to determine if you want a standby generator with an automatic start-up and shut-off during power outages, or a system that is more permanent. To power small appliances and light sources in your home during occasional power black-outs, you may get by with one of the smaller portable generator models. Each situation will demand a different type of generator. More common terms are single phase, or three phase units. Your local Ausgen Generators supplier is able to advise you on what you need. But shopping around for generator installations does not have to be stressful either. There are Ausgen Generators online that have the Power generators for the price that you are looking for. If you are looking for the best power generator for your money you might want to look online at . Due to the size it means that the best generator sales will benefit you in so many ways.  

Diesel generators are a reliable source of backup power in situations like natural disasters. They are seen as a somewhat environmentally friendly power source thanks to their low use of fuel. Safety is another praised feature. Diesel fuel is less flammable than gasoline that is used to power similar devices. Because of the diesel-powered machines’ well-known efficiency, they often require less maintenance than gas generators. So all in all if you are going the generator route, diesel is a good choice.

Once you’ve made your selection, give Ausgen a call to proceed with your order and generator installation. Drop by and visit their site at . They would be happy to assist with all manner of highly recognised paower generator repairs, servicing, sales and installations for almost any industry desired

Silent Power Generators

Diesel generators have been in use for many years. The primary purpose of these generators is to extract diesel chemical energy and convert it to kinetic energy. Since various forms of energy are transformable and interconvertible, diesel energy can easily be converted into electrical energy through mutual induction. Examples of silent diesel powered generators include Cummins, Kubota, and Perkins. Below are the benefits of using these generators. 

Typical Kubota Power Generator

Low cost 

Diesel fuel, when compared with regular gasoline, is comparatively cheap. This fuel is suitable for commercial purposes in different industrial applications, its low-cost result in cheap energy production. The energy produced through it can be used for many purposes, e.g., the generation of power for industrial use and appliances. Furthermore, cheap energy cost would result in decrease production cost which may be helpful in moderating the price of the product in the market. 

Easily available

Diesel fuel is readily available around the world. The fuel can be found almost everywhere for which is help if a business has an office branch in remote areas. Thus the generators can easily compensate business energy requirements anywhere. As a result, they are the most preferred brand for a person who’s looking for an economical energy solution. 

After sale value 

One of the advantages of these generators is that they have high market value. Also, they are quite popular hence can easily be sold. An individual can buy a new or used type of these generators for his remote office then sell it with little depreciation. 

Stability and performance 

These generators have high performance and scalability. The reason for their stability is because they are commercially graded machines and can withstand extreme weathering and also exhibit high performance for a period of time. Additionally, these generators have high fault tolerance and thus are mostly preferred by experts. 

Availability for support, Sales, Servicing, Repairs And Installation

Perkins, Cummins, and Kubota generators are common, and thus their support is available around the world. If a person faces a problem with any of them, he can easily have them repaired from a local mechanic or a technician. Also, if part the generator runs out of operation, he can have it replaced from various manufacturers present in every part of the world. 


These generators can not only be used for generation of power but also for many other purposes. Different industrial applications can use electrical or mechanical power generated by these generators in performing their function. Additionally, an individual can use any of them in providing power in places where no other sources of energy are available. As these generators use diesel engines, they enable a person to choose various forms of energy output to get the desired effect. Furthermore, the providers of electricity also use these generators in producing electricity for commercial purposes which can be supplied to consumers in specific locations. 

Typical Perkins Generator


Perkins, Cummins, and Kubota are silent powered generators are pretty much the favored and desired genertaors for power back up and emeergencies. To get maximum benefits of these generators, it is advisbale you deal with only reputable Power generators sales and suppliers

Where Do I Find Generator Sales In Australia ?

Ausgen Power Generator Sales Servicing

Repairs And Installations NSW Sydney

Call Ausgen Today on 1300 287 436 For your power generators sales servicing reapirs and installation

Car Respraying What You Are In For

Paint Correction vs Car Respraying Of Factory Car Paint

Why You Should Keep-Up Your Factory Paint Job

Call Dr Buff Today on 0418 118 998 or visit their site at  or or their other site

Car ResprayingWhen you see a car, what is the first thing you notice, no matter what the design? The condition of the paint. What is important to understand is that the factory that built your car is going to do a much better job at applying paint than just about anyone else. So it is up to you to maintain your factory paint, and keep your car looking great. Eventually, even if you take all the precautions you can, there will be some some inevitable wear to your car’s clear coat.

In most cases the major auto manufacturers use a two stage process to paint your car. First a base coat is applied, and this is the color, then a clear coat is shot over the base coat, and this is what gives your car the glisten and shine you love.

Everything is done by exact measureements. This is where after market resprays can not compare to factory paint jobs. It is a precise thickness of eberything almost one every vehicle.

It’s why we stress not to use car washes for washing or polishing cars as they can cause severe and irreperable damage to your factory paintwork. You paid a l;ot of money for that paintowrk when you bought that vehicle so all the more reason to protect your paintwork as much as possible. It’s why most people opt in for and buy paint protection for new cars but it is pointless when you are putting it through car washes.

Look Out For Aftermarket Paint Jobs

The major problem with aftermarket paint jobs, is that when you go and get a discount paint job, they are going to be more lax in every regard than the factory. Unless you pay a lot of money for premium paint they will be selling you materials that won’t be nearly as good as what is on your car right now. In addition to sub-par materials most body shops will never match the quality of prep work that the factory does, and the application of the paint is bound to be imperfect.

If you want a really great aftermarket paint job, they are out there, but most of the body shops will cut corners to make money. One of the most important things that there is in automotive painting is the prep work, and this means disassembling your car down to the frame, and then painting it.Do you really think that a body shop is going to be able to offer you that kind of service and stay in business for a standard 10 thousand dollar respray ? Of course not. They have bigger frish to fry from car accidents. 20K Plus in repairs. Why would they be the slightest interested in 10K ? To you and me it’s a lot of money, to spraypainters it isn’t.

There is No Comparison

Car Spraypainters Sydney CampbelltownMost body shops will do their best to sell you on their skills, but when you really look at the quality of their work it will be obvious that it is well below a factory paint job. The first giveaway is the tape lines, and once you get close to a body shop paint job they will jump right out at you. When most body shops paint a frame, they simply get out a roll of plastic and some masking tape, and instead of taking parts off, they tape over them. Over spray is almost inevitable as well, so you might get some nifty patterns on your clear headlight lenses as well.

It might be tempting to get some cheap paint applied to your car, but keep in mind that the manufacturer uses state of the art paint technology, and the factory paints have been specially designed to adhere to your car’s steel. These paints are also applied when the steel is virgin, and there is almost no way a body shop can replicate that. No matter what the salesperson at the body shop tells you, these are the facts of automotive paint.

Get Some Good Advice

The best thing you can do for your car’s appearance is make sure that the factory paint is kept up, and any swirling or scratches gets removed by professionals who use professional tools with professional techniques using only professional car care products like Meguiars Autoglym Menzerna Mothers and so on. Talk to your paint correction professional about the best way to keep your factory paint brilliant, and if it has started to degrade, they will steer you in the right direction of applying the right paint correction treatment

Paint Correction And Restoring Original Factory Paint

Everyone wishes that their car would always look as great as it did when they first bought it. However, the truth is that after a while the car is exposed to a variety of elements that degrade the quality of its exterior. Among such elements are swirls, physical scratches, chemical etching and oxidation. Over time, these elements wash away the quality of your car’s paint. Many people like to do a wholesome respraying of their car to restore the appearance, which is often expensive and time consuming. But you don’t have to go all that way with your car. Paint correction is an easier, more affordable option for your car.

Paint correction can be described as the the process of removing swirl marks that have developed over time and restoring the paint finish to the original state, or, more often, to a state better than the original. Paint defects vary from UV damage to simple scratches that dent the finish of the car.

How to tell when your car needs paint correction

This may sound a bit unusual, but a car will need paint correction even immediately after coming out of the showroom. This is because dealers often do some cheap detailing on a brand new vehicle in order to make it look good for the showroom. Such quick work is meant to create an illusive gloss under the lighting of the showroom, but it in turn degrades the original paint work from the factory. That is why sometimes your car’s exterior might start to look worn out shortly after you buy the car. Therefore, sometimes it is advisable that you do a paint correction for your car immediately after buying. This is purely for the purposes of maximising gloss and depth of colour. You also need paint correction for being able to fix scratches and swirl marks on car paint work

Paint correction is not something you should need all the time when it comes to maintaining car paintwork. If you ultimately don’t take care of paintwork after it’s been restored, then you will need repeated paint correction all the time. This is where using paint correction on car paint for fixing swirls and scratches is not good as you will constantly be removing paint to maintain a shine. Eventually you will penetrate the clear coat and then you will need a respray.

Some Points Of What Paint Correction Involves

1) Decontamination: This involves rigorous washing of the car with citrus soap, oily based solvents and wash mitt to get rid of any material and substances that might be a barrier to the correction process and also using clay bars


2) Pre-Assessment and Masking- This process involves critical examination of the vehicle to determine the extent of the damage after which the car is masked to protect it from any further damage during the correction process.


3) Re-Leveling – This phase is meant to removing scratches from paintwork by wet sanding and buffing such that the smooth surface of the car’s finish is retained to about 85% of the original. This helps to remove the defects caused by swirls , scratches and UV damage.


4) Refinement- This process helps to remove the finer defects, and those defects caused by the intensive first step. The work done here depends on the intensity of the first process as well as other factors such as the thickness of the external coat.


5) Deswirling/Polishing and Finessing- This process involves the use of fine polish with micro-abrasive nano particles to achieve an ultra- clear and smooth finish.


6) Surface Cleansing and Car Paint Protection- Surface cleansing is the process of removing all solvent oils used during paint correction and applying hydrophobic coatings to the exterior to protect it from damage by oxidation, hydration and a range of chemical agents.


Benefits of paint correction over spray painting


Paint Correction Fixing Scratches And Swirl Marks On Car PaintPaint correction is far much cheaper than doing a whole respraying which will cost you a lot of money. The results achieved by pain correction are better than what a standard respray ever produces in terms of gloss and depth of colour. This is purely by fixing scracthes and swirls on paint work

If a paint job can be saved, it will be on average about 7-10 thousand dollars cheaper to a car respray and in most cases will look better than a respray as you will have increased gloss and depth because the paint work has been refined.

The time spent on paint correction is also much less compared to respraying. Essentially, correction can be 12-15 hour job on average for mild to deep inflicted scracth damage. In severe cases, it can be more

Paint correction is more advanced than standard car detailing

Fix Scratches And SwirlsRestoring you car’s looks to showroom standards might seem like an ordeal sometimes. But when you think about paint correction and detailing, it is really very easy. It may not be cheap as opposed to detailing surfaces but hands down it produces better shine than a standard respray or car detail and produces a better effect than the original showroom look. On top of this, you don’t have the issues with dealing with spraypainters who don’t do their jobs properly for standard resprays and that accounts for 9 out of 10 of them these days.

What You Will Save By Not Respraying Your Car. These Are Just Some Points


    • You won’t have uneven flatness due to uneven sanding
    • Runs
    • Riduculous peel on newly painted surfaces
    • Crows feet ( 1-6 Months after The Respray )
    • Pitting ( 1-6 Months after The Respray )
    • Blistering ( 1-6 Months after The Respray )
    • Crazing ( 1-6 Months after The Respray )
    • Fish Eye Issues During Respraying
    • Rude Spraypainters Because you Are Constantly on Their Backs To Fisnish Your Car because they have larger jobs to complete
    • Over Spray On Your Interior, Engine Bays and Your Boot and your wheels
    • Masked Up Edges
    • Poor Fisnishing From Left Over Sanding
    • Uneven Blending
    • Ununiformed colour
    • At Times Clear Coat Not Added Back On to save money which means you get less than what you paid for
    • Swirling from poor finishing and poor buffing skills
    • Damaged Components from removal of parts
    • Property Missing From Removal Of Parts

These are just some issues with respraying cars these days and if you are spending what is an average of 10-15000 dollars, this beleive it or not is what you stand to get. 15000 these days is nothing for spraypainters to take short cuts on. All the more reason to retain your factory paint job as much as possible.

You will have far better finishing by improving your factory paint job with paint correction than opting for a respray when you don’t have to. Most paint jobs can be saved when in the hands of the right technician in paint correction and the results in your factory paintwork will ” FLOOR YOU ”

Want To Learn More ?

Call Dr Buff On 0418 118 998 or Visit One Of Their Main Sites At :

Deal With Professionals Like Dr Buff and Deal With The Right Professional Car Detailers Who Understand Every Aspect Of Paint Correction

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Scratch Damage To Paint Work And Car Washes

Car Wash Scratch Damage……Call 0418118998

As I advocate all the time about Car washes and the damage they can do, How about 6000 plus dollars of damage to a Prius. A PRIUS !! As the owner states in this video about the scratch damage, had he known what could have happened to his car, he would never have taken his car througha  car wash….Look at the video and decide for yourself.

This is typical of what can happen andf how we always restore car paint from scratches and swirl marks inflicted by car washes. When damage is severe to paintwork, restoring car paint can be expensive.

Most spray jobs for Average cars cost in excess of 10,1000 dollars to respray a car. This was 6000 for a Prius and that would have been more like one of the cheapest resprays you could get for that sort of money. Either that or they would be charging that sort of money to carry out paint correction to restore the original paintwork. We restore paintwork from damaged cars all the time and 7 out of 10 cars that we restore original paintwork are car wash scratch damage related. Some cars als can not be saved as the original paintwork as eroded from repeated use of car washes. If you have severe damage and you would like to use a professional detailer to restore your factory paint work, give Dr Buff a call on 0418 118 998 or visit our site at or or our original mother site at Call us today on 0418 118 998 If you want proper professional detailing, you meed to deal with a Pro


Spray Painting Cars As Opposed To Restoring Original Car Paint


Why You Should Keep-Up Your Factory Paint Job

When you see a car, what is the first thing you notice, no matter what the design?

The condition of the paint. 

What is important to understand is that the factory that built your car is going to do a much better job at applying paint than just about anyone else. So it is up to you to maintain your factory paint, and keep your car looking great. Eventually, even if you take all the precautions you can, there will be some some inevitable wear to your car’s clear coat. In most cases the major auto manufacturers use a two stage process to paint your car. First a base coat is applied, and this is the color, then a clear coat is shot over the base coat, and this is what gives your car the glisten and shine you love. 

Look Out For Aftermarket Paint Jobs

Remove Scraches And Swirl MarksThe major problem with aftermarket paint jobs, is that when you go and get a discount paint job, they are going to be more lax in every regard than the factory. Unless you pay a lot of money for premium paint they will be selling you materials that won’t be nearly as good as what is on your car right now. In addition to sub-par materials most body shops will never match the quality of prep work that the factory does, and the application of the paint is bound to be imperfect. If you want a really great aftermarket paint job, they are out there, but most of the body shops will cut corners to make money. One of the most important things that there is in automotive painting is the prep work, and this means disassembling your car down to the bare body, and then painting it. Do you really think that a body shop is going to be able to offer you that kind of service and stay in business?

There is No Comparison

Most body shops will do their best to sell you on their skills, but when you really look at the quality of their work it will be obvious that it is well below a factory paint job.

The first giveaway is the tape lines, and once you get close to a body shop paint job they will jump right out at you. When most body shops paint a frame, they simply get out a roll of plastic and some masking tape, and instead of taking parts off, they tape over them. Over spray is almost inevitable as well, so you might get some nifty patterns on your clear headlight lenses as well. It might be tempting to get some cheap paint applied to your car, but keep in mind that the manufacturer uses state of the art paint technology, and the factory paints have been specially designed to adhere to your car’s steel.

These paints are also applied when the steel is virgin, and there is almost no way a body shop can replicate that. No matter what the salesperson at the body shop tells you, these are the facts of automotive paint. 

Get Some Good Advice From Paint Correction Professionals

The best thing you can do for your car’s appearance is make sure that the factory paint is kept up, and any swirling gets removed by professionals. Talk to your dealer about the best way to keep your factory paint brilliant, and if it has started to degrade, they will steer you in the right direction. 

Just in case, here it is again, give Dr Buff a call on 0418 118 998 or visit our site at or or our original site at Call us today on 0418 118 998

Ausgen Power Generators Perkins Cummins Kubota Power Generators With Warranty

Ausgen and Powerlink Generators

I have been in the power generation field since completing my apprenticeship in 1983, in this time I have sold, serviced, hired, repaired, bought and installed many brands of power generators

In 2010 I established AUSGEN Generators Australia and decided to run with the Powerlink produced generators as our main product.

This decision was based on much research by travelling overseas to really find out who was going to supply us long term moving forward. During my many visits to manufacturers (who all by the way claim to be the best) there were certain criteria that need to be met. What makes a good power generator ?

    • Genuine parts from great manufacturers.
        • No good getting genuine engines I have never heard of or genuine copies
        • I need to be able to purchase parts and get support worldwide.


    • It must meet both Australian standards and conditions.
        • I found even the best-known brands didn’t meet both criteria
        • Australia is unique in the world. Tough standards and conditions


    • The design needs to be robust and reliable, it needs to work from -15oc to over 50oc. it needs to be silent, large fuel tank, bunded and I need to be able to service it easy. Oh, it needs to last a long time.


    • User friendly

I tried a few different brands over the years but only 1 was truly wanting to assist us in building the best generator you can to meet our needs for a competitive price.


I have been working with Powerlink now for 6 years and over that time we have developed as close as we can the best generator for the Australian Market. Our supply contracts are all done within Australia so I can be and my clients can be assured that all relevant laws and warranties are covered, there are no fake warranty deals. We use predominantly Cummins, Perkins and Kubota engines. Leroy Sommer, Meccalte and Stamford alternators. Deep Sea PLC and Comap control. ABB or Schneider switch gear.

All our warranty issues over the years have been met and addressed very fast by both Powerlink and their OEM partners.

I can safely say that by supplying and partnering with Powerlink products we truly can provide the equipment and service Australia demands.

If you would like to purchase a New diesel powered generator that we offer in our range from Kubota, Cummins, Perkins that all come with warranty please call us on


1300 287 436 and talk to Doug

Our Site


16/6 Badgally Road




1300 287 436

Yours Truly

Douglas Levings

Managing Director

Car Wash Scratches And How To Fix Them Paint Correction Works

Paint correction for fixing scratches and swirl marks


Paint Correction We all love to drive a clean car, don’t we? In fact, washing your car regularly helps to maintain a beautiful car and also helps fight against damages caused by salt, bird droppings, bugs, and other elements. But what is worrying the most is that most damages occur while washing your car.


How? Let me show you:


1. Micro Sctaches


First, you put “micro” chips in your car’s paint anytime you touch it. Any form of automobile wash (whether it is waterless, hand, auto, brushless, tunnel, whatever) does slightly scratch the paint.


For example, when you wash your vehicle (DIY), improper washing methods lead to faded car paint. Over time, your car paint develops that hazy and dull look due to the billions of tiny scratches caused by unacceptable washing methods.


A Video About How Car Washes can Damage Your Car When Reapeatedly Used


Dr Buff Paint Correction Professionals Explain


2. Automatic Car Wash Damage


The worst car wash scratches I have ever come across have originated from automatic vehicle washes, believe me, or not! This process has a lot of positive qualities, but it also comes with hundreds of negative ones.


For example, the automatic touch-less auto washes are superb if you don’t have time to wait and they don’t scratch your car. However, because they are so soft (don’t apply friction) to eradicate the grime, these washes aren’t effective. They often leave dirt or elements sticking so hard such that you require to scrub them in the future to remove them thus leading to scratch damage from car wash.


On the flip side, automatic auto washes that have the rotating brushes do offer the friction required to eradicate the dirt. But I heavily recommend avoiding this method altogether. A huge problem with this method is that you don’t have an idea of what types of elements are trapped in these brushes before you bring your car.


For instance, if a dirty old truck run through the process before you brought your delicate new car, guess what will happen? All elements trapped in these brushes are going to be eating up your car’s paint. What is the outcome? Car wash fades.


3. The Science


The University of Texas did a research to determine the effect of washing vehicles. Their findings were interesting. They showed that a single DIY wash can leave billions of scratches in your car finish as deep as 10 percent of your car’s paint total thickness.


Additionally, the ordinary garden hose or pipe cannot supply adequate water pressure and water with the ideal action to avoid scratching your car’s finish. This vital study showed that car owners shouldn’t wash their car at home. Only a proven and qualified professional car wash can have the optimal amounts of pressure and water required along with the right waxes and soaps to effectively and safely clean your car.


But this doesn’t mean that professional car wash doesn’t have problems (as seen above).


4. Water Spots are Not Easy To Remove


Unless you are using water that is heavily filtered or distilled, it can leave dozens of mineral particles on your car if it evaporates faster. Not only are these particles or spots ugly but also permanent – it’s like cleaning soap scum off when showering, you cannot get them off without thorough polishing uismg the most severe paint correction methods


There is not one car wash I have crossed in my time that actually does not inflict some level of damage to car paint. Most car washes also use rather caustic products for cleaning paintwork rather quickly. If you have a vehicle that has loads of scrathes from car washes, using professional detailers in paint correction who understand alot about paint correction really is the only ticket.


A Finished Result Of Removing Scratches From Car Paint On This WRX 95 Model


Paint Correction And How It Restores Paint Work To A Shine


Paint Damage Removal Before AfterPaint correction, which is alternately known as swirl marks removal or machine polishing, refers to the reduction or removal of marks in the top layer of paint to produce more refined finish. Paint correction generally includes either hand or machine usage of different grades of cleaner or polish. The task is primarily done with rotary machine polishers to achieve the desired level of transformation. On the other hand, car detailing refers to cleaning and polishing all parts of a car from top to bottom. The process of car detailing requires the use of specialist tools and products that would not be typically used by an average car cleaner. Although both paint correction and car detailing involve cleaning and correction, there are some fundamental differences between the two.


Car detailing is specifically broken down into two categories: exterior and interior. Exterior detailing features cleaning and restoring the original look and condition of the surface of the car’s finish. Paint correction focuses solely on the environmental challenges that the exterior of a vehicle faces (such as exterior scratches, swirl marks, fading, water spots etc). Paint correction is done with the sole objective to bring back the original finish of the vehicle and prevent the surface of the vehicle from fading and scratches.


A Little About What Paint Correction Achieves


Detailing focuses on wash, wax, interior clean up apart from exterior cleaning and repairing. Car detailing is done even for changing wheels, tires to make everything look shiny and new. We resort to the detailing process after a vehicle gets back in dirty condition after a long days outing. In such cases, the vehicle will be washed to clean up the dirt to revert it back to the condition of the beginning of the day.


No concentration is given on painting aspects in case of car detailing. The focus of detailing is mainly on the interior as people spend most of their time driving the car. Paint correction, on the other hand, takes into account the issues with the paint. If you are looking to remove swirl marks, scratches, oxidation, etchings etc from the paint, then you are definitely considering to resort to paint correction process.


Paint Correction Before And AfterPaint correction requires more professional expertise and normally takes a lot more time than just the detailing process. Therefore, paint correction is more labor intensive and demands more knowledge on various tricks and methods of paintings and scratch removal procedure. So, the process requires an extensive understanding of the needs and wants of the clients.


Paint correction involves greater risk than car detailing process. That is why the professional needs to have thorough understanding of the client’s demand. There is always the risk to burn the paint, over thin clear coats or leave too much or too little paint on an expensive vehicle. So, the margin of error for the correction is too little. On the contrary, car detailing process involves less risks.


Paint correction generally requires more cost as it involves the use of specialized machines (buffing machines) and polishing agents to remove scratches and swirl marks. However, car detailing involves less complicated machines and takes less time than the correction process.


Car Polishing


Professional Paint Correction DetailersCar polishing is one of the least understood aspects of car maintenance, despite the fact that is a commonly used term. The fact is, when most people talk about polishing their car, it’s used as a catchall term for most actions intended to improve the look of a car’s paint job. But in most cases, when someone says that he or she polished the car, he or she is usually referring to something they did to try and improve the look of their car’s paint job. Since most people do not understand either the benefits or purpose of car polishing Sydney, they often end up inflicting some of the sub-surface defects that polishing in fact removes removes. So let’s simply lay it out: polishing is the act of erasing or covering up any sub-surface defects through a wide variety of procedures.




But why should we polish our cars? The upkeep of a car’s paint job is essential to maintaining your car’s fresh-off-the-lot look in addition to ensuring you get the highest resale value possible. While waxing is often the go-to maintenance method for car owners, car polishers are what you want to apply before waxing to get the absolutely most out of both processes. This is because polishes themselves, unlike waxes, aren’t simply a layer of defense against debris, inclement weather, and scratches. Through a series of chemical processes, polishes dislodge dirt stuck in the paint, remove paint that has been oxidized, smooth out swirl marks (or circular scratches) and surface scratches. Finally polishes help to condition a car’s paint job to keep the paint from cracking, peeling, or drying.




Another common stereotype about car polishing is that it is easy to do at home and that most car owners polish their own car. This is only partially true. You’ve probably heard the phrase “getting my car detailed,” which has risen sharply over the past few decades as the detailing industry has been able to provide the level of professional quality upkeep work that most car owners simply can’t do themselves. Detailing itself is the process of thoroughly cleaning and improving a car’s interior and exterior. And central to the detailing process is car polishing.




Many car owners will often choose to spring for detailing one or two times a year, but in between doing that, they will also purchase many of the necessary car polishers for sale online and at car shops alongside an array of tools. For instance, if you browse the polishing tools available from Meguiar’s, you will see a wide array of liquid polishers alongside towels and polishing brushes in a variety of sizes.




Professional DetailersIf you’re going for a wet and shiny look, Meguiar’s Ultimate Polish removes water stains while adding a layer of depth to your car’s surface that will provide that crisp reflective look that’s perfect for drives by the ocean. Of course, it’s not just your paint you want popping in the sunlight; your tires are just as important. Meguiar’s Finishing Metal Polish is perfect for uncoated tires that are full of blemishes, which hold back your car’s true shine. Through intense abrasives mixed into the polish, you can make your car wheels as reflective as your bathroom mirror.

So the next time you’re feeling like your car could use a serious pick-me-up, call your local car polisher in Sydney or follow the above steps in buying the best tools for the job.

There are a handful of Professional detailers around in Sydney and although they are not cheap, the ultimately are your last chance in saving your original paint job from the hands of a spraypainter who would otherwise not do his job properly to begin with. Most sprayjobs cost in the vacinity of 10K Plus to restore paintwork and in most cases, the work will not be to your satisfaction. This is why it is  ” CRITICAL ” You retain your factory paintwork as much as possible.


Dr Buff Paint Correction And Car Paint Protection Film Applications

The Pro level detailer pictured in these videos and these images here is one of the most down to earth Professional detailers you can find in Sydney. Certified by Mehguiars themselves also states what reputation he has and with customers travelling from all over Sydney just to get an honest opinion makes it all the worth while.

He has been in the paint correction and car paint protection detailing industry for over 16 years as a business and brings a world of wealth in the car detailing industry and is also responsible for training some of the best detailers around Australia. If detailers are willing to travel from all over the country to be trained by this man, then it obviously states that he posesses the goods to transform cars into glass mirrors. Also not every applicant is accepted which strictly states that Dr Buff looks for specific qualities in Potential trainees. These Car detailing training courses are not cheap as he commands only the very best from detailing trainees and they still pay to be trained by him.
Seriously, if you have a car that needs looking at, Dr Buff in Campbelltown is the guy to look at or talk to. You can reach him through his site at or you can call him directly at 0418 118 998 His place of business is 8 Edmund Place Rosemeadow in Campbelltown Macarthur His other page is

He specialises in all cars from Prestige cars like paint correction on Mercedes, Audi, FPV, HSV and general traffic vehicles and is also recognised for making muscle cars look their best

He also owns and




Nutritional Cleanse Weight Loss Plans Which Works For You

Nutritional Cleansing Programs Australia And Online

Detox programs are good for your health. We cannot overemphasize the benefits of seeking for colon cleanse or liver cleanse programs. However, before you jump unto the bandwagon it is wise to understand what you are about to get yourself into. Here are some of the benefits of nutritional cleansing.

Boosts Your Energy

Detox cleanse program will boost your energy. Most of the people who have used these programs before have reported a feeling more energetic at the end of the day. During detoxification you are stopping several things that were affecting the normal functioning of your body in different ways. By reducing the amount of fats, sugar and caffeine in your body and then replacing them with vegetables as well as fresh fruits, you will become more energetic than before. In addition, staying hydrated throughout the cleanse program will also boost your levels of energy in the long run.

Gets rids of Excess Waste

One of the main reasons why people go for detoxification is to get rid of wastes from their bodies. Most of the detox programs out there have been designed in such a manner that they can stimulate your body in order to purge self. When this takes place, the liver removes harmful substances just like the colon and kidney. Ensuring that you eat fruits and vegetables will make things to keep moving in the expected direction.

Promotes weight loss

If weight has been an issue of great concern on your part for sometime then the best thing you can do is enroll for detox program. A detox diet will enable you shed extra pounds without going through much hassle over the same. Forget about expensive weight loss pills that will only affect you negative and embrace detox programs for better outcome.

Strengthens your Immune System

Detoxification of the human body tends to free up various organs. When this takes place , your body will have a better immune system. The different herbs you are going to consume during the program play an immense role as far as keeping your healthy is concerned.In addition, most of the detox programs out there tend to embrace light exercises that promote the circulation of blood within your body system.

Healthy Skin

The human skin is considered as the largest organ in the body. A good detox program will transform the look for your skin. Through the program, you will sweat out all the toxins affecting the look of your skin thereby making you to look better. Detoxification can help remove different problems such as irritation and marks.

Better thinking

Avoiding harmful foods rich in sugar and fats will lead to better thinking. Through the use of different techniques during the detoxification process, you will realize better outcome from the same.

Healthier Hair

The appearance of your hair is determined by your eating habits and lifestyle. People who undertake detoxification end up with bright looking skins. Through detoxification, you will avoid different problems such as hair loss and slow growth among others.

In conclusion, nutritional detoxification comes with many advantages. Some of the benefits of undergoing detoxification include better thinking, stronger immune system, healthy skin and hair among others.

Isagenix 30 Day Cleanse Programs

What Experts Are Saying About Isagenix 30 Day Cleanse

Isagenix 30-day cleanse program have a number of health benefits to your body including removal of potentially harmful impurities and toxins; boosting your body’s energy levels; improving your concentration, focus, and clarity; reducing cravings for unhealthy foods and improving your lean muscle tone. This article will disclose to you what experts are saying about Isagenix 30 Day Cleanse.

What is Isagenix 30 Day Cleanse?

Isagenix 30-day cleanse is a one-month scientifically formulated and clinically proven natural fat-burning and cleansing nutritional program ideal for individuals who want to cleanse their bodies and lose weight using a flexible, long-term program. This program is uniquely formulated to eliminate potentially toxic impurities from the body while infusing it with essential botanicals, vitamins, and other natural nutrients to help shed excess weight naturally without the use of diuretics, stimulants, and laxatives.

Benefits of Isagenix 30 Day Cleanse.


    1. -Weight loss.
    1. -Elimination of toxic body impurities.
    1. -Energy boost.
    1. -Improved muscle tone.
    1. -Reduced craving for unhealthy foods.
    1. -Balanced digestion.

Isagenix 30 Day Cleanse Products

IsaLean Shakes: These are full meal alternatives that blend into a creamy, smooth and fully drinkable diet formulation on the go. IsaLean shake canisters are made from your choice of the creamy Dutch chocolate, Dairy free chocolate, creamy Dutch strawberry/ vanilla, and a mix of each. You can mix it up by adding crushed ice or fruit.

IsaFlush: This healthy nutritional component helps to keep your heart and cardiovascular system in top condition. The herbs and Magnesium combine to boost the effectiveness of nerve transmissions and stabilize body cells for essential body functions and good health.

Cleanse of Life: Cleanse of life supplies your body with antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins to improve its ability to ward off and clear toxins from your body, drinks, and foods.

Ionix Supreme: This component contains a blend of stress/ fatigue combating minerals, trace elements, and vitamins to keep your body at its best always.

Isagenix Snacks: These are healthy snacks packed with a perfectly balanced mix of casein and whey proteins. Additionally, Isagenix snacks have carbohydrates to supply you with enough energy to run your daily duties efficiently.

Natural Accelerator: This nutritional component boosts your metabolism through a combination of heat-making ingredients, for instance, ginseng, cayenne, and cinnamon, alongside antioxidant-rich green tea. Do you want to have a boost in your energy levels and lose weight at the same time? Natural accelerator is your answer!

Why Use Isagenix 30 Day Cleanse?


    1. -It is safe for those with lactose and dairy allergies.
    1. -It has been clinically proven to work.
    1. -It contains high-quality natural ingredients.
    1. -It keeps you feeling full for long.
    1. -The program is scientifically formulated.

Final Purport.

Isogenic 30 Day cleanse has been used and recommended by respected health experts, doctors, professional athletes, and natural health practitioners since 2002. This program has been subjected to a strict formulation, ingredient selection, and testing.

Across the world, many people who had struggled losing weight and to cleanse their bodies found success when they gave Isagenix 30 Day cleanse a try. Apart from eliminating impurities and toxins, Isagenix 30 Day cleanse floods your body with essential nutrients, leaving it in a healthy state of balance. What’s more? It comes with a 30-day money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with the results. With Isagenix 30 Day cleanse, you have nothing to lose but everything to gain.

Where Can I Buy Isagenix ?

Just visit or visit for more products about isagenix

Isagenix NZ

Right now, Isagenix has now been made available in New Zealand for people wanting to lose weight without the headaches. Check out New Zealand’s for their range of Isagenix products available in NZ