Car Wash Damage


Car WashJust one visit to the car wash is all it takes to scar your beloved car. After that you require paint correction to restore it The damage to your car is not only upsetting, but it’s going to cost you money to fix. And bloody lots of it

Why do you think car wash operators have signs posted everywhere making sure they are assuming zero responsibility for any damage done to your vehicle?

Getting a car wash owner to pay for damage caused by the car wash can be difficult. If you leave the car wash property before noticing damage, forget it.

When you go to an automatic or full service car wash, there is always a good chance your vehicle may be damaged. The brushes in an automatic car wash will be holding dirt, debris and dust. All this comes from vehicles that have been through the wash earlier in the day.

Reasons To Avoid Automatic Car Washes

Car Wash Damage– Minute Swirls and Spider webbing On Your Paint
Dirty bristles will be the result from the other dirty cars before you. These dirty bristles spin at very high revolutions directly onto and into your paint.

– Water Marks and Spots
When you drive away from the car wash, most of the water will fly out of crevices, but some remains, never being dried at all. Over time this water will be drying into your paint. This leaves mineral deposits that will etch into your paint work, causing permanent damage.

– Deep Scratch Marks
Those filthy, pre used bristles usually carry large dirt particles which are easily large enough to cause deep gouges out your paint.

Other Damage That Can Happen During An Auto Car Wash
– Car trim stains/water damage
The plethoria of harsh chemicals used, can stain your delicate rubber, polyetheline and plastic trims, while the spinning head of bristles can permanently marr your paint and chrome trimmings.

– Water Under Pressure, On Your Car
Such a stream of water can actively drive dirt particles deep into your paintwork, causing fine and sometimes, not so fine, scratches.

– Using Detergent Or The Wrong Soap
If you want to keep your car’s paint job in good condition, never use dishwashing detergent. This removes your car’s protective wax finish and leaves a chalky residue wherever it touches.

– Poisonous And Dangerous Chemicals
A host of dangerous chemicals are sprayed onto your paint to start to break down the dirt and grease, to make it easier to come off under high water pressure. This cocktail of car cleaning chemicals strips away your wax protection finish, damages chrome trimmings, and stains the rubber seals in the doors.

– Drying Your Car Dangerously
Some car wash workers may use dirty, and second hand towels to dry your car, resulting in fine scratches and swirls. This can result in a greatly diminished paint job, especially noticable on dark colored paint work. Rust is also a possibility once the paint’s finish is compromised. You can get even more damage from hand car wash as well which in turn will require paint correction from Dr Buff to restore it. You need to be very careful in how you protect your car paint. You can buy car paint protection in sydney for new cars almost anywhere from any reputable detailer. You can even try Peter’s car detailing services in Sydney




Car Paint DamageIf you haven’t taken your car to an auto car wash, good on you. Smart car owners know to take their cherished vehicles to a car detailer who will always uses soft, clean and high-quality materials to wash and dry your car like we do. car wash damage can be very severe and finding someone to remove scratch damage from car paint is also not easy. One detailer that is good at this is Dr Buff from http://drbuffdetailers.com . Once done though you need to always use paint protection products for your paint

Make sure you book your appointment to get a great value car wash or a world-class paint polishing package for permanent swirl removal to achieve the ultimate shine on your car which can only be provided paint correction professional detailers sydney

Car Paint Scratch Removal

Car paint is prone to a lot of harsh conditions that make it either fade off or leave hard spots that make it appear less appealing. You might not be a careless driver but a parking lot mishap or reckless cleaning at an auto wash might leave a scratch or two on your car paint. The problem now comes with correcting this and restoring that industry sparkle to your car paint. To achieve this, you have no shortcut; you will need car paint professionals. Now you ask, why not do it yourself?
Some paint mishaps aren’t as simple as they seem
Car scratch or swirl mark removal is not as easy as it sounds. It takes more than soap, water, and determination to get rid of these paint defects. The magnitude of the scratches needs to be assessed to determine their extent and the best correction method. What may seem as a scratch may not even be a scratch at all but debris attached to your car paint mostly as a result of an impact. Some actual scratches that don’t extend below the second paint coating may be corrected by professional buffing. These are just two instances that seem too simple to correct but which if not professionally handled will cause more harm than good to your car paint.

Do you have the necessary equipment?
To remove car scratches from paint and restore the paint to its original sparkling state is not just technical but at times requires certain tools and products not available at home. For instance, swirl mark removal and removal of shallow scratches may require a buffer, car polish, and wax that are generally not available in every homestead.

You might also need a filler paint that is not usually available in small portions while bulk buying will not be convenient for minor scratches. These are only available at a professional car care centre. You also need an expert buffing handler that just clears the swirl evenly without leaving paint bumps or worse clearing the entire coat.

A professional will look into other paint defects
What may appear as just a scratch, fading paint, or swirl mark to you may be just the tip of an underlying problem that only car paint professionals can help you figure out. It might be as a result of an industrial mishap or acidity of the water you use for cleaning that only an experienced paint detailer can tell.

A professional detailer will also not just look at the identifiable scratch or the swirl spots but will take an in-depth analysis of your car paint and bring to your attention other areas that need correction. They care about your car’s outlook and want you riding along the magical Sydney streets with confidence.

To remove scratches from paint, rid swirl marks, and other forms of car paint detailing like polishing and waxing is not your regular DIY project, it requires professional attention. Not only does a professional has the necessary equipment to correct these problems, they are also better suited in assessing damage, singling out other paint defects, and recommending the right correction measure.

Car Paint Protection For New Cars

There are new brands of cars as well as car care products that are emerging in the contemporary market, the latter of which are useful in claiming protection of a particular car. Car paint is one of the car care and paint protection products that are recommended for car preservation. In this essay, we shall be explaining why it is crucial to have paint protection for new cars sealers from purchase.

What causes damages on the new car?

Has your car lost its shine? Every vehicle is bound to lose that new-car sparkle, and it can happen much faster than you want to believe. Car detailing services doesn’t always fix it either. Every day your paint job encounters elements of the weather, chemicals from the car wash, droppings from birds, sap from trees, as well as salt, sand, gravel, and other debris splashing up from the road. Life is rough for any vehicle, but you can use car paint protection products to preserve or restore that fresh shine.

Paint protection is a thin coating that creates a barrier between the paint on your vehicle and the onslaught of chemicals and natural elements encountered on the road. You cannot stop the sun from beating down on your car or the salt from splashing up after a snow storm, but you can stop all of these elements from soaking into your paint and causing a lackluster appearance.

Benefits of using paint protection on new cars

One of the reasons is that there exists many paint care products that vary in quality, protective characteristics and prices. These products may be harmful to the car’s appearance if they are mixed, since mixing them up keeps changing the surface properties of the vehicle’s body. The changes in the surface properties subject the car to the inability to withstand exposures to ultra-violet rays, bugs and acid rain among other harmful elements.

The other reason is that prevention is always a good practice than curing, and using duco protection that is recommended by the manufacturer serves as a suitable means of car protection. Continuous application of the endorsed paint provides perpetual protection to the car, hence eliminating harmful effects that may require curative approaches. In other words, acquiring paint protection from purchase gives an assurance of surface maintenance, keeping in mind that a majority of cars today are designed with shiny surface that require careful handling.

The third reason as to why paint sealers are considered crucial is the fact that the technology of car waxing has many associated shortcomings. These include wax softening at exposure to heat, lack of permanent adherence to the car’s surface and washing off property of wax which reduces the protective layer. The listed drawbacks reveal that car waxing is a better solution for show cars, but not for cars that are frequently exposed to adverse environmental conditions.

Acquiring paint protection for a car while purchasing it aids in ensuring that the appearance as well as the paintwork of the car is sustained, hence maintaining the car’s sale and resale values. A well-applied paint covering gives the impression of a well-maintained vehicle, and this consequently augments the overall value of the vehicle. This in other terms is to state that good paint protection makes the car look more prestigious, thus serving as a means of adding its buying price. Mixed paints cannot achieve this, implying that the paint protection recommended at car purchase is paramount.

Reduced costs of painting and repainting is another reason, since it is practically economical to receive painting services from one dealer than many dealers, keeping in mind that the former can allow some discounts. In addition, one dealer follows a specific painting routine that does not alter the surface finish, meaning that besides, reduced costs, surface quality is not compromised.


From the reasons enlisted above, it is clear that the modern cars should be entitled to paint protection while being bought. Although the significance of other car maintenance practices is not ignored, paint protection is considered as the main maintenance practice.